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2018 Annual Report

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In 2018, we made a commitment to put into words our vision, mission and values.

Our 2018 report focuses on our mission and values that support our overarching patient-forward vision to make a difference in cancer. The words are new, but the sentiments — who we are as a company and the mission we are striving to achieve — have been the foundation of Novocure from day one and will continue to unify us as we move forward.
Together with our patients, we strive to extend survival in some of the most aggressive forms of cancer by developing and commercializing our innovative therapy.

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unafraid to innovate
Katia Felix, Associate Director of Global Strategic Development, moved into a new role created for her after sharing an idea that could positively impact the company.


Our founders created a different way to fight cancer. We channel that founding spirit into our science, business and patient relationships to deliver innovative and proven solutions designed to advance cancer care.

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focusing on the details
Dario Garcia-Carracedo sees how his work as Associate Director of Medical Affairs fits into the big picture at Novocure.


We dream big. But we also know that in order to achieve our aspirations, we must be intentional every day in how we spend our time, energy and resources.

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driven to make a difference
Roman Pass, an Order Administrator at Novocure, moved from Finland to Switzerland more than 10 years ago to start a new chapter of his life. Today, he enjoys a successful career at Novocure.


Patients and their families are the heart of our mission. Our passion for making a difference in the lives of cancer patients fuels us in our day-to-day work and guides us in our decision-making.

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courage to communicate
Noam Zaradez, a Device Support Specialist Regional Manager and Care Coordinator in Israel, initiated a monthly group therapy session for his team after realizing the importance of processing emotions related to working with patients who have glioblastoma.


It takes courage to innovate. We stand alongside our patients and stand up for them by challenging the status quo.

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the foundation of trust
DeEtta Ard-McDonald, a Territory Manager in South Chicago, draws on her 30-year marriage as an example of unwavering trust that has shaped her life and has led to her career at Novocure.


Our patients trust us as an integral part of their cancer care team. We trust ourselves and our colleagues to act with integrity and accountability as we use our individual strengths towork together efficiently and effectively in pursuit of our patient-forward mission.

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practicing empathy
Empathy is one of Syed Ali’s greatest strengths. He uses the skill as a Case Manager to help patients gain access to Novocure’s cancer treatment.


Confronting cancer is physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. We put ourselves in the shoes of our patients, their families, health care providers, researchers and our colleagues as we strive to change the way cancer is treated.

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