looking ahead

Asaf Danziger, CEO

living our mission and values

Since the early days of Novocure, when Tumor Treating Fields was a theory not yet a therapy, our mission has been clear. We are striving to improve survival in some of the most aggressive forms of cancer by developing and commercializing our innovative therapy. At Novocure, the patient has been at the center of what we do, from day one.

Developing and commercializing Tumor Treating Fields required that we create an innovative and evolving business that supports the patient, from device support specialists to care coordinators to shipping clerks. When we receive a prescription, it triggers this system, and our important work of supporting our patients begins. We support thousands of patients in the same way around the globe. We have the potential to support hundreds of thousands of patients as we continue to develop our therapy in indications outside of glioblastoma. Some companies need to remind employees why they work there. That is not the case at Novocure. Our mission is understood. Our values define who we are–as people first–then as a company. As we grow across countries and continents, we will ensure that our commitment to our mission and our values remains strong. We believe our values, the core traits that we share, will help us to achieve our mission.

As we look toward the future, it can be helpful at times to reflect on where we came from. Novocure began with an idea that led to a culture of innovation. Bringing the idea to fruition required a microscopic level of focus, focus that becomes more and more intricate and important as we grow. We needed the drive to fight a fight that no one else would fight for us, and the courage to get up again and stand up for what we believe in after getting knocked down. As we began to grow across the world, we had to trust our colleagues to have our patients’ best interest at heart. From day one, we had to have empathy for our patients–who may be facing the greatest challenge of their lives–empathy for our colleagues and health care providers, and even empathy for those who disagree with us.

I am proud to say that as a part of Novocure, this is who I am. I am proud to lead a company of employees with outstanding character who do the most challenging work, who create their own path rather than following one that already exists. As we grow, there may be times of uncertainty on the best way forward. In those moments, we will use our vision, mission and values as a compass to help chart our way. Thank you for being a part of our journey.


Asaf Danziger, CEO